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USB Type C Cables

USB Connectors 2.0, 3.1 Gen1/Gen2
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The USB (Universal Serial Bus) Type C specification was released to the industry on Aug 11, 2014.  Type C is a creative new connector and cable form factor with performance capabilities designed for next generation and beyond products.  Acon is an early Type C developer, contact us for product information and availability.    


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USB2.0 Micro B Plug/Standard A Plug High Current Cable


Current Rating: 3A PWD/Vbus & GND pins
Voltage Drop: less than 625mV on Vbus, and  375mV on GND
0.01  uF capacitor ID Marker


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USB 3.0 Cables


 Bay Trail Cables for Tablet and Mobile Platform



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PCIe M.2 (NGFF) Connector For Smaller, Thinner and Lighter Computing Devices

Acon has launched the new interface standard for a smaller form factor in both volume and size.
As the market shifts toward slimmer and thinner solutions, M.2 NGFF product is transforming from PCIe
MIni Card to a smaller , standardized form factor used in the industry.
Acon's PCIe M.2 connectors are designed for a wide range of applications, supporting SSDs, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
wireless module/cards of all types for use in notebooks, ultraportable, tablets, smart phones, and other hand-held devices.

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