LC Connector

Features & Specifications

• Meets EIA/TIA 604-10 &IEC61754-20standards
• Economical in both design and termination process
• Snap-in connector design Precision mechanical dimensions
• Reduce assembly time and simplifies training
• Reduces maintenance and creates consistent optical performance
• Stabile performance ≤ 0.2 dB typical MM ≤ 0.15 dB typical SM
• Operating temperature -20°C~70°C Storage temperature -40°C~85°C


• Telecommunication networks • Data communication networks • CATV networks
• Active device termination
• Instrumentation

The LC connector is easily fielded mountable and is completely compatible with other LC hardware. This design, which provides
non-optical disconnect terminations in a snap-in coupling mechanism, has been tested to the rigorous EIA/TIA 604-10 standards.
Beige and blue color housing, White and beige boots for 900 micron buffered fiber and 2.0 mm jacketed cable.

All versions utilize precision ceramics, and the latest engineering polymers in their construction. With their pre-assembled one-piece
design and pre-polished ferrules, these connectors provide quick and economical terminations both in factory and in the field settings.
The pre-polished ferrule delivers a consequently consistent optical performance. 
Molded polymer adapters containing either the precision ceramic or the phosphor bronze alignment sleeves are used to mate LC connectors.