Product Design & Production Capability for Cables, Components & Assemblies

View Acon’s fully automated assembly line

Design excellence and advanced manufacturing processes drive ACON’s leadership in cable and harness assembly with facilities that deploy fully automated production as well as high-mix, low-volume fabrication technology in both the US and China factories, the latest termination techniques in small form factor, high-speed coax, power and data transmission assemblies are all part of our solutions capability.

The following electrical, mechanical, and environmental tests are used to ensure the highest performing products.

  • Electrical testing: Time Domain Reflector (TDR), Network Analyzer, Resistance Tester
  • Mechanical testing: Strength Tester, Cable Bending Life Tester
  • Environment testing: Salt Mist Chamber, Thermal Chamber, Temperature Humidity Chamber


Micro-coaxial cable assembly



Round cable assembly