NFC FPC/PCB antenna (Customized)

Support NFC mode:
1. Card emulation mode
2. P2P mode
3. Reader/writer mode
1. Antenna included matching design
2. Antenna only (w/o matching design)


1. A fusion technology that provides new valuable service to the users by integrating RFID Technology with Mobile Communication devices & Wireless Internet infrastructure.
2. The concept is to make two devices communicate, bring them together or make them touch.
3. NFC Technology Features:
Based on RFID technology at 13.56 MHz.
Compatible with today’s contactless RFID technologies.
Data exchange rate today up to 848 kbit/s.
NFC is complementary to Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi technologies
Three modes of operation: P2P, Card Emulation and Reader/Writer
ex: Smart Phone, PDA etc, PND, IPC, TV, AIO, POS, NB, Headphone…..